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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 2-Mar-2002 : Christchurch
Date: 02/03/2002 (Location=Christchurch, Dist=54km, Total=1093km)
Christchurch. A beautiful morning, and we set out to explore the town and surrounds by bike.

A lasy cycle down to the beach. A windy ride to "Mt Pleasant Rd". Nice climb to 500m on the "Summit Road". This is very popular with local cyclists, tourists (driving very slowly, often overtaken by the local cyclists) and a few rev heads. This road twists and winds across the ranges of the Banks Peninsular that sepearte Christchurch from it's port at Lyttelton. Spectacularly scenic views for 20km across the top, but also spectacularly windy. Across one saddle,we stopped for a photo or two, and found
it impossible to start riding again without being blown off the bikes. Descentequally hairy.

A near perfect day completed by a very pleasant walk through the Botanical gardens, polished off by a slap up Chinese meal.

Near where we are staying there is a busines of interest to Tom Gliestner fans. It is proudly labeled "Warrick Todd Pty Ltd". and it's a real estate agent.

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