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New Zealand 2002

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Journal for 8-Feb-2002 : Oxford
Date: 08/02/2002 (Location=Oxford, Dist=60km, Total=74km)
A nice easy day to start us off. As usual for the start of a trip the bikes feel ridiculously heavy. That is because they are ridiculously heavy. We'll (probably) get used to it soon enough. Picked our way though the streets of Christchurch (I'm still dreaming) then rode on NZ's longest stretch of straight road (~30km !!) past hundreds of hobby and a few not so hobby farms. We even saw our first sheep, and yes, it was fluffy and white.

This section of New Zealand is the Cantebury Plain, known for it's flatness and it's wind. Today there were light winds (tailwinds are always light, headwinds are always strong) and the land of the long white cloud showed off thousands of them too us. Hedgerows and other assorted wind breaks belied what the weather is usually like. Only one mechanical problem resulting from my inefficidncy at reassembling the bikes, which delayed a desperate rush into the little town of Oxford's public toilet.

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