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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 2-Feb-2004 : Dunedin

Almost sunny this morning. Almost. Got a late start as we unsuccessfully attempted a complete rest day. Lasts night bed already spoken for tonight. Did a few laps of Mosgeil before really getting underway. A few tough (nothing like yesterday though) little climbs and multiple opportunities to get lost, some readily accepted.

Given some amazingly good, if rather ambiguous directions by passing pedestrian. Kiwis are really good like that (when we can understand them :-)).

Sorted out Vaccines and some shoes for me that
a) don't have 73 holes and bits of tread hanging off them.
b) fit my double-defect size feet.

In the late afternoon a bright fiery UFO light up the whole city (well, CBD anyway) terrifying the locals. At least for a short time, then a huge load of fog rolled in.

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