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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 5-Feb-2004 : Balclutha

Left Dunedin slowly over a few decent hills on the suggest (by tourist info pamphlet published in response to Lonely Planet sticking the boot in about Dunedin's no-bike freeways) bike route. It looked like rain, but instead it was just cold. 8C when we left, rising to 11C by Mosgiel.

Did some shopping and replaced the dud tools at Mosgiel, after taking quite some time to find everything, even though it's all on one street. Also out on our arm and leg warmers. Still dam cold though.

Scything cold southerly headwind. We trundled very slowly along a very rough shoulder and at times very narrow amid heaps of heavy traffic. I didn't think New Zealand had this many people!

Nice deviation via Henley, which is a town consisting of one unoccupied house. Lunch at Lake Waihola, out of the wind behind a fence.

Fantastic ice creams at Milton dairy (the 'Dairy' opposite servo at Northern end of town).

More cold, busy, bumpy and generally crappy riding to Balclutha. Discovered bike shop had lubed our chains with and oil based lube as a courtesy. 10/10 for effort, bit -700 for results. Oil lubes stuff up our wax based lube's self cleaning feature, and end up getting gunk everywhere in the wet. So I sort of (had to use dishwashing liquid - so not completely effectively) cleaned all the lube and stuff off the chains and reapplied the wax lube. Bummer.

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