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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 4-Feb-2004 : Dunedin City

Got kicked out of the caravan park (booked out by competitors in the "Masters Games" - which we are too old for). Rode into town and left the bikes at a shop to have the brakes fixed - hopefully made compatable with New Zealand conditions (wet). Also got the last of our vaccine jabs. I'm now 3ks lighter. Not by dieting, just from a hair cut.

In spite of the forecast (they get used to predicting rain here), the skies cleared (sort of) in the afternoon and in the sun it felt something like warm. That ozone layer hole is good for something after all.

Got the bikes and found they'd done a crappy job on my rear brakes, and I needed to replace and lube the cable. Quite tricky after realising my cable cutters we more rusty than trusty and couldn't cut a deck of cards. Bummer.

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