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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 15-Feb-2004 : Kingston

The first leg of today's riding had everthing. Headwinds, a really crappy rough road surface, rain, hills, traffic, mechanical problems and roadworks. Did I mention it was freezing cold?

Riding after Mossburn a bit quicker once we got the wind in behind us.

After freezing my nuts at Mossburn we somewhat incredibly enjoyed humgungous ice creams in the sun at Athol.

The last 30ks to Kingston was pure fun, as we had a flaming tailwind. The scenery in New Zealand is simply stunning (especially when the sun comes out). We only stopped to see "the Kingston Flyer" tourist train turn around. The race to Kingston was no contest. Well thrashed the train pants down.

Enjoyed a short walk down to the beach on Lake Wakatipu. Amazingly stunning snow capped mountains line the lake all the way to Queenstown.

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