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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 16-Feb-2004 : Cromwell

Freezing cold headwind by lake WakieTeePee.

Queenstown "Boked ayret"

AJ Hacket bungy jumping at Kawarau bridge now conducted behind 2m high stone walls. This is still a huge tourist attraction, but you are now required to pay to even see a bungy jump.

Crappy traffic riding down to Cromwell. It took a great deal of concentration, experience, skill and a huge slice of good luck to negotiate this stretch of road safely. After only her 4th near death experience for the day, Linda declared "I'm never coming back to New Zealand again". I thought that was a bit strong. By our 6th near death experience for the day this sentiment was unanimous.

Bightingly cold wind still blowing at Cromwell, with snow on the surrounding peaks.

As I write this Linda and I are totally stuffed full. And we still have a home made pizza, a large apple pie, two nectarines, two peaches and a whole loaf of bread still to get through before tomorrow morning. Shopping when you are hungry is not a good idea!

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