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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 20-Feb-2004 : Haast

Cloud cleared overnight, making for an icy cold morning. Fresh snow on all the surrounding peaks.

We delayed starting for as long as possible, but it still took 20 minutes of cycling before I could feel my fingers again.

Nice scenery riding through native forests. The climb to the top of Haast Pass not so difficult in this direction, and a very stiff very cold headwind meant we had to pedal pretty hard to go down the hill as well. Hands completely numb by the bottom. Only our bike's rims had warmed up.

The Gates of Haast is the steepest part of this climb, and the descent (in the dry thank heavens) was done with the breaks hard on. At the bottom of this hill is a nice sharp right hander onto a single lane bridge.

Met Canadians Dolly and Richie, who have just started their cycling trip across New Zealand. I was heartened by their comments that they thought it was cold too.

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