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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 24-Feb-2004 : Hokitika

Rained 65mm overnight (that's nearly 3 inches for you oldies). It rained on and off all morning too.

Not too many hills today, just the inappropriately named Mt Herculies. Fun descent from that hill. Not too steep, just lots of speed through very nice rainforest.

Harihari for our first break (meat pies). Wind picking up, but no affecting us much as most of the riding is shielded by rainforest.

Problems on the single lane bridges. We got half way across when some idiot decided he could drive straight through us and we could just fly over the water from mid-bridge. Strangely enough, he found he had to stop because two rather irate cyclists were blocking "his" path.

Dull scenery but sensational riding on the last 26km to Hokitika with a SW gale behind us. It took us about 50 minutes.

Internet access at the place we are staying a very reasonable $60/hr, plus ISP charges.

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