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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 23-Feb-2004 : Whataroa

Slept in again. Waited for the drizzling rain to stop for a while. It didn't, so we headed off anyway. More nice cycling through rainforest past flowing waterfalls and fern lined embankments.

The rain had stopped by Fox Glacier turnoff, but we (wisely) decided against having another look.

Pies at Fox Village, then we tacked the Fox Hills. 25 minutes up, 5 minutes down. The last one was by far the best, a rollicking descent with a few interesting twists and turns but with good visibility. And best of all, this was the only dry hour of the day!

Rain started again as we reached Franz Josef, an even bigger tourist trap than last time, but *no one* was camped at he tourist park this year.

Made it to Whataroa in moderate rain. As I write this, it's bucketing down outside, heavier than ever. *Everything* we have is pretty saturated, and not getting any drier. The forecast: there *might* be a fine day on Friday, before more rain on Saturday.

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