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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 1-Mar-2004 : Murchison

NZ's idea of a nice day. It only drizzled on us occasionally today.

All today's riding adjacent the Buller river, which is a cascading white water for much of it's length. The road was again lined with ferns, palms and gushing waterfalls.

Some very very nice riding through the Lower Buller Scenic Reserve. This really is a beautiful bit of New Zealand. At Hawk's Crag the river makes a horseshoe curve, and the road needs to traverse a sheer cliff. To do this the road builders chiselled out a "half tunnel" to nestle just one lane of the road precariously above the raging torrent below.

The Upper Buller Scenic Reserve was indeed very scenic, but in the euphemistic sense of the word scenic: hilly.

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