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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 2-Mar-2004 : Tapaware

Rained heavily pretty much all night. Rain cleared a bit in the morning so we took off to try and make some hay while the sun almost shined.

Nice scenery up the Buller River valley.

Short stop at the railway tunnel walk at Glenhope. This train line took nearly 30 years to build, and never carted anything other than railway maintenance supplies. They never did quite finish it.

Rode over Hope Saddle and descended down Motupiko Valley.

Lots of close calls with traffic again today. New Zealand is like that. This has been the most disappointing aspect of this trip. The traffic doesn't need to be heavy or the roads bad for it to be dangerous. There might not be that many people in New Zealand, but they have more than their due share of arseholes. I always thought Aussies were just kidding when they say thing like that, they just happen to be correct by co-incidence.

Got to the pub at Kawatiri Junction just as it started to rain. Waited it out in the pub eating fish burgers.

A few Ks down the road reached Tapawera. A headwind had sprung up and we could see the next shower rushing up the valley towards us, so at the Caravan Park sign (which included a touring cyclist) we decided to call it a day.

Over dinner we discussed all the near misses of the day. In combination we remembered heaps more than either of us on our own. Linda was almost in tears, and not entirely unseriously discussed options of skipping the rest of New Zealand.

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