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Journal for 5-Mar-2004 : Stilwell Bay (Abel Tasman NP)

Walked from Tonga Bay to Stilwell Bay (spelt with varying numbers of l's).

First hour to Bark Bay hut pretty easy, but our calves and shins are very sore.

I was recognised as a cyclist by my bike computer when asked the time. Lots of cyclists do this walk.

At Torrent Bay there are a number of private dwellings that are a legacy of the pre-1940's era before this was a national park. Lots of construction going on, and not too many "shacks" look more than 10 let alone 60 years ago. The tide in this region is quite substantial, more than 4m. At low tide the little cove at Torrent Bay had left a selection of boats and jetty high and dry.

Long trek to the Anchorage. We took the low tide short cut across the mud flats here too. Here I recognised a cyclist by his shoes. Heaven help us if Shimano ever decide to manufacture hiking gear.

The bush here is less tropical looking than the west coast, with more acacias , less Beech Trees and even some evidence of fire (hard to get things to burn in New Zealand) this looks and smells a bit like Oz. It was even relatively warm today, and we got to use our sun screen for the first time in ages.

Camped on the beach at Stilwell Bay, just above the high tide mark (we hope!).

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