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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 7-Mar-2004 : Cable Bay

Got to hardware shop to buy another Allan key to fix my perpetually failing right pedal. No sign of the place opening, in spite of the hours published proudly on the door suggesting it had commenced trading 2 hours ago. This is Sunday in New Zealand!

Cycled back way out of Mot. The road was quieter, but as usual not any safer. NZ is really starting to shit me in this regard.

The back way involved an up and over, with quite a fun descent. We took the long way to Richmond after getting confused by the fuzzy nature of the location of Wiamea West on our map.

At Richmond tourist info the delightful ladies there told us about the most recent cyclist killing on the new stretch of road. Apparently the cyclist was at fault, by failing to see the signs showing the alternate bike path. I found a bike route map (mostly just a series of proposals) pinned up on the wall of the visitor's centre. It seems the new bypass is very cyclist unfriendly, but the compensation was a dedicated bike track next to it. Using the map in the vistor's centre we plotted a course away from the regular cyclist killings along a completed section of bike path (I'm no fan of these, but this one wasn't too bad, as cyclist have right of way at the road crossings - theoretically). No surprise the dead guy couldn't find the bike path. I don't think they've built it yet.

We met Paul (Englishman), Inge (from Denmark) and their daughter Emma (about three) who were cycling around New Zealand. Actually Paul and Inge were cycling, Emma just sat in dad's trailer.

A nice cushy bed in Nelson seemed elusively expensive. We pushed on and made a detour out to Cable Bay. The windy dead end road out here brilliant to cycle on.

Cable Bay named after the 1876 telegraph cable that came ashore here from Sydney. In 2002 a fibre optic replacement was installed.

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