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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 10-Mar-2004 : Wellington

Next to no sleep at all as I tossed and turned worrying about being IT challenged, developing a huge list of adverse consequences. The worst of which is we'd probably lost all our photos of New Zealand.

After phoning around we organised getting the system repaired, and *attempted* to get the data recovered. At the first attempt all our files were still there, but as we worked through the list of files our faulty hard disk ground to a halt and died completely. The photos are still on that disk, now en-route back to Oz. Not happy Jan. (Actually I managed to hold it together reasonably well). A big thanks must go to the guys at “Portables Plus” forn their help.

So, if any of you readers complain there are not enough photos of New Zealand, you know where you can go an jump!

Also we needed to extend our stay in Welly while my toy is fixed and the peaches eaten. Finding a bed is almost as hard as finding a camp site (there are none in Wellington).

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