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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 14-Mar-2004 : Dannevirke

Nice fine morning, and it's good to be back on the road cycling again.

A rather eratic route today. I rather muffed the initial planning.

Me a female cyclist out on a training ride. As we wheezed and spluttered up what I thought was a steep little rise, in two pedal strokes she drew level for a chat, and with just one more stroke took off down the road as if the headwind wasn't there.

Also managed to take part in some sort of bike race. Several groups of racing cyclists, plus a load of semi-serious stragglers rocketed down the hill with the wind.

First break at a highway town by mistake.

Managed to rejoin the bike race, this time heading the right direction. “The main bunch is just ahead” a marshal informed us. “Don't worry, we'll catch 'em” I replied, which brought a big laugh – which was unfortuante as I was only half kidding.

If you don't like the weather in New Zealand, just wait a while. The clear sunny weather of the morning was now misty drizzle. It cleared just enough for us to take a break. It's sunny now, will we eat lunch? NO, by the time we'd got it out it'll be raining again. And it was.

We were riding the back roads in the upper Maniwatu valley. This area was badly affected by the recent flooding. Much to my relief the bridges on our back route were still in tack (sort of!). But not all the roads were, requireing us to make another up-and-over and and unplanned 20ks on the highway. SH2 traffic pretty wild, but no near misses for a change. Probably somethignt o with us hopping right off the road every three minutes.

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