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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 15-Mar-2004 : Napier

Another long and challenging day.

First 10ks pretty unencouraging riding on the busy and wild SH2.

Back roads through Ormondville, Kopua (not actually a town, so it's very hard to know if you've reached it, passed it, or a scratching you head in the middle of it), Takapau and eventually Waipukurau.

A sign warned us of Livestock Movement ahead. It was right. The road was covered in fresh livestock movements. We eventually caught up with mod of cattle that had been decorating the road and aromorising our bikes.

7km on the highway to Waipawa a nightmare.

Lunch with school kids in the park at Waipawa.

Undulating riding on “the middle road” to Havalock Nth. Nice and quiet, farm scenery.

Passed a cyclist waiting by the road on a twisting downhill. I ask if he was OK and he said “yes, I just cut my hand”, but I don't know that was quite correct. I felt pretty bad I didn't stop (Linda though we should have all along). Anyway, this kid caught us and passed us, riding along with one hand on the bars and the posture of someone with a broken wrist or collar bone, or both. This made us feel even more ashamed, not that there is anything we could do for anyone with a serious injury.

I bonked out badly at Nth Haverlock, revived with ice cream.

The SH2 into Napier seemed impossible, so we tried to find the back way into town. What we found was the new “express way” (just an ordinary road with a higher speed limit actually). With no accurate map, just a rough idea and a setting sun to tell which way west was, we somehow found our way into town.

Hey, it didn't rain on us today!

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