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Journal for 18-Mar-2004 : Gisborne

It was raining as we left Wairoa. Spitting at first, then heavy showery stuff.

The SH38 is an inland route that makes a few not insubstantial up and over climbs. The first 20ks were pretty flat, but after that we were going up, going up steeply, going up, going down, then going up again. I was sweating like a sieve, and my helmet soaked. If I tipped myhead the wrong way buckets of sweat would trickle onto the road bringing groans of disgust from my partner. The sun came out too! In fact, it was so warm today at times we wondered if we'd brought enough water. We had of course.

The climbs got harder as the day went on. Yes, they really did! The final climb up and over “Gentle Annie” (beware of roads called Gentle Annie!) we not much of a climb, but a great fast descent!

Back at near sea level we were pretty tired. The sun was gone and we were chased into town by a ferocious rain storm. We *amost* out run it.

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