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Journal for 23-Mar-2004 : Te Kaha

A nice short day today, and with a very comfortable bed in a room with a beautiful view overlooking the bay there was not much incentive to get moving early.

Rode for 25ks around some of the most spectacular coastal roads imaginable. A beautiful clear sunny morning, about 20C and no-one around but the odd cow this really is an amazing part if the world. Sometimes the road scampered up the beach side cliffs, other times it skimmed the foreshore. The occasional local building (usually a church) precariously placed barely above the high tide mark dotted the roadside. At several low lying points driftwood lined both sides of the road, and it seemed like only a modest swell would have this road under salt water.

The scrub is rather pretty here too. There is some hap hazard agriculture, the odd cow and the occasional corn field, but also lots of native forest, with tree and fern lined cuttings to demonstrate it's not *always* bright and sunny here.

We passed plenty of evidence of Maori culture too, both old and new. Lots of Marae's, canoes and traditional carvings along with graffiti land rights claims.

Whanarua Bay had a caravan park and a pub, but these seem to have closed down.

We wern't sure if we'd passed Te Kaha, but when we asked a) we were laughed at & b) it was explained to us that the camp ground kiosk cum post office we were standing in *was* Te Kaha.

A bit of a sea breeze came up in the afternoon. Perfect for vegging out!

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