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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 24-Mar-2004 : Opotiki

Left quite a bit earlier than usual. Another beautiful clear sunny day and more fantastic coastal scenic riding. This really is unbelievably nice country. For some reason most of the letter bboxes for the properties along this road are recycled microwave ovens.

First break on the *black* sand beach (New Zealand isn't perfect) amid all the driftwood. We learned this was washed up by that cyclone which drifted down from Queensland last month. It seems everything bad that happens in New Zealand comes from Australia!

Last 10ks into Opotiki started to remind us we were still in New Zealand, with close passing, erratic driving and shitty roadworks etc. And for dinner, just for a change, it's fish and chips! It was rather good tonight, with not a fried egg to be seen. The alternative was a questionable interpretation of Cantonese cuisine.

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