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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 27-Mar-2004 : Tauranga

Left pretty early to knock off the bits on the SH2 next to the Bay of Plenty. In spite of the lightest of headwinds we made pretty good time along these flat roads (something of a rarity in New Zealand). The was quite a bit of traffic even before 7am.

Turned off onto the “Old Coach Road” which undulated steeply. Lots of kiwi fruit farms (I missed the big kiwi fruit) and dairy till we returned back to the highway. Horrendous traffic through Te Puke (a well named town IMHO) and then we rode along Papamoa Beach.

Lots of traffic through Tauranga, even though the roads were wide they wern't backward in coming forward in telling us we shouldn't be there. We're getting closer to Auckland and the drivers are starting to get aggressive, as well as incompetent.

Overcast and cool today as well. In general, a pretty ordinary day's riding.

Decided on an easy option for dinner and ordered a pizza. An hour later it hadn't turned up and we called and asked. The deliverer's car had broken down and so there weren't going to bother making any deliveries today.

Lind and I are (rather hungry) and wondering “why did we bother coming to New Zealand?”

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