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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 28-Mar-2004 : Paeroa

Left Tauranga just before dawn, and rode through the exploding housing estates to the SH29. SH29 something of a nightmare. Even at 6:30am on a Sunday morning there was enough traffic whizzing past our elbows to make it rather less than enjoyable. Not exactly flat either. Very happy to get past the Kaimai Summit at 499m. Pretty cold up there, even though I was too pre-occupied with staying alive to notice. Even happier to get off the highway at the bottom of the hill.

Long undulating session to Te Aroha, where we had ice creams while wearing our arm and leg warmers. This is New Zealand!

Paeroa is the home of a soft drink L&P, which stands for “Lemon and Paeroa”, Paeroa being the mystery ingredient. This drink bills itself as being “World Famous in New Zealand”.

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