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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 11-Apr-2004 : Auckland

Cab out to the Self Storage place then rode back to the Motel. Then I got the last of my root canal therapy just what I've always wanted to do on holiday. I seemed to recover from this pretty well. Caught the bus into town for no particular reason, then instead of getting ready for America we sat around eating.

I suppose I should make some overall comments about New Zealand. Things like the great enthusiasm the New Zealand TV sports reported Australia's results in their cricket series against Sri Lanka when it looked like Australia might lose. But rather than me bombard you with my distorted opinions, I'll just leave you with a collection of New Zealand advertisment snippets:

Motel!, X$, extra Adults $Y (included Children)

Open 7 Days! (closed Monday and Tuesday)

All Day Breakfast! (opens 11am)

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