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Journal for 6-Apr-2004 : Piahia (Bay of Plenty)

OK, I've been a bit slack with the diary. All this non-riding makes for boring entries. (So what's new?)

We put our bikes in a self storage unit in auckland and caught the bus up to the Bay of Plenty to spend a few days away from the depressingly frustrating Auckland. It was a good idea (it was mine, so it had to be) but we only needed to carry a few panniers a K or two. However .... I managed to completely stuff my back in the process. I was in complete agony at the bus station, to the point I paid for the tickets and left them on the counter as I sloped off looking for some more pain killers. I guess New Zealand is extracting her revenge on my, but I least I have a new found respect for my bike's abuse tollerance capabilities. After two nights of sleeping bolt upright it seems my back has recovered somewhat.

Today we took a day cruise on the Bay of Plenty. The highlight was the sailing with the pod of bottle nose dolphins. They were extremely keen or surfing our boat's bow wave, if only the skipper would go fast enough. It wasn't until we had to move off to resume our tour that the engines were gunned and the dolphins really had fun seeing which of them alpha males could keep up with us the longest.

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