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New Zealand 2004

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Journal for 28-Jan-2004 : Wanaka

Left Omarama early (for us). The valley walls disappeared into the clouds, and in places re-emerged through the top. Still grey and threatening.

33km of all climbing to the top of Lindis Pass at 955m. The last few ks in bright sunlight as we seemed to pierce the cloud layer. The mountain scenery is unbelievable! It's amazing what a bit of blue sky can do!

If the climb was enjoyable, the descent was mind blowing! It was very very fast. The first K was done with the bakes on. It was a struggle to hold the bike at less than 50kph, and when it flattened out I maxed out at 68ks. Another 10ks of descending without any need to pedal was pure fun, most of it above 60kph.

Lazed about in the pine forest at our lunch break. Got to Wanaka just in time to find most things booked out. Fantastic views of snow capped Mt Aspiring, which are not all that common here!

Stopped by a swarm of sheep being moved from one paddock to another via the main road.

Sparrows pestering for our dinner outside pub.

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