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Journal for 2-Jul-2001 : Siding Springs
Date: 02/07/2001 (Location=Siding Springs, Dist=49km, Total=530km)
It was quite warm this morning, at -3.

A lot of mucking around in town, shopping, collecting our Radio from the Post Office (thank you Cathey from the Lithgow Valley Motel) etc.

Todays activity was to cycle to 1200m (highest point of the trip) to the Sidings Springs astronomical observatory.

Sections of the climb were ridiculously steep (at least 1 in 8, probably 1 in 7 in places). Fantasic views of the Warrumbungles from the obseratory. The main telescope is an incredible piece of equipment. It took 3.5 years to polish the mirror to the right shape! The display oin the cafe reminded me of studying Atsronomy at University. I had to work very hard to remain awake.

The downhill was electric in places. 0 to 40kph in ~20metres. I only lost control of my bike once, careering down the hills on a road of assembld pot holes and patches (ie you can't steer and you can't brake). Great fun. In spite of our almost paranoid caution on the descent, we covered the distance that took us 2 to hour climb in about 20 minutes.

David F

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