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Journal for 3-Jul-2001 : Warrumbungles N.P.
Date: 03/07/2001 (Location=Warrumbungles N.P., Dist=46km, Total=576km)
Woke in our cabin nice and warm. -6 outside, but I didn't bother to test this proposition until quite a bit later.

Today we climbed over the Warrumbungals again, twice. Went for a really nice walk to the "Bread Knife" and the other spectacular features of this park. This part of the ranges is dotted with "plugs" jutting out of the ground where lava used to spew out a volcano. The "Bread Knife" is a rather precarious feature, of a thin slab (no more than 3m across) a hundred metres long and 50 metres high sheeting out to the side of the mountains. The rest of the ranges are no less spectacular.

Plagues of grey kangaroos all over the camp ground at the Warrumbungles. Also some none too firedly goats demolishing everything they came across.

Checkout todays maximum speed, done descending back down the eastern side of the range (again). This gives some idea of how steep the Warrumbungles climb is in places. This was actually a very cautious descent, done a touch safer than yesterday, after I learned where the bumpy bits and smooth(ish) bits were.

Tonorrow we need to climb the range again for the 4th time, but with fully loaded panniers.

Also, we now seem to be behind schedule. Makes me think that putting 100km and ~1000m of virtical climbing into our legs without going anywhere at all probably wasn't too smart.

David F

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