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Journal for 8-Jul-2001 : Dirranbandi
Date: 08/07/2001 (Location=Dirranbandi, Dist=134km, Total=1042km)
Woke at sometime very early AM again. Only awake for a short time, but Adam Gilchrist went from 100 to 150 in England. Glen Magrath went from 0 to 1 no.

Early start, and fun riding out of "The Ridge" to Angeldoodle Angledool. From there 20k of hard slog into the wind (did I mention we've had headwinds every day?) into Queensland: "Beautiful one day, Frigid the next". We managed to stop at Hebel for lunch because we didn't blink. It's a one pub town, complete with rail to tie up your horse. From Hebel we had the wind at our backs for the first significant time on the trip, but degenerated to a cross wind as we reached
Dirrum Bambi Dirranbandi.

Along the side of the roads here there are trails of fluffy white stuff on the verges. Linda thought it was wool from the dead sheep killed along these unfenced roads, but I disagree. Around this area there are enormous cotton plantations. Each paddock is about 3km x 3km, bulldosed completely flat and surrounded by purpose built irrigation channels. The largest of these holdings is ~100km x 100km, straddles the Queensland/NSW border and can be seen from space.

David F

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