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Journal for 9-Jul-2001 : St George
Date: 09/07/2001 (Location=St George, Dist=97km, Total=1140km)
Drifted off to sleep to the radio description of England defending resolutely just one wicket down in their second innings of the First Ashescricket test. I drifted off to sleep, but woke shortly after. England were all out and the game was over.

Fast(ish) riding with light morning tail wind for the first 20km. The rest of the day the wind varied between being a slightly helpful tail-cross or annoying head-cross wind. Scenery was very dull (flat mega wheat fields), and Linda is getting very tired. I amuse myself between road trains (saw our first 3 trailer job of the trip) by determining that ther are 188 pedal strokes per km in my favourite touring gear, the high voltage power lines are 210 metres apart, but the town supply poles are 130 metres

Arrive at St George with a headwind for the last 7km.

St George is a service centre for the local rural mega-industries. Not as big as I expected, but bucket loads of industry. As good a place as any for a rest day I suppose.

I recover my BAS from the Post Office, to discover it's been re-designed (again) & the calcs I did before leaving were no longer right. Great fund re-doing it.

In the shower I removed most of my body patches to reveal a collection of mostly healed new scars.

My lack of good humouris evidence we need a rest day (or maybe how much I hate our incompetently designed, administered GST system).
David F

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