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Journal for 14-Jul-2001 : Tambo+23
Date: 14/07/2001 (Location=Tambo+23, Dist=140km, Total=1674km)
Team moral (OK, my moral) is getting rather low thanls to incessant f****ing headwinds.
We left early to beat the wind. The wind came up later than yesterday at 7:15am, 15 minutes after we started.
Headwind all morning.

More roos, wedgetails, emus and kytes.

Met a couple with a bus and huge enclosed trailer housing a 4x4 runabout.

Cycling hell: Dead straight road to the horrizon, no trees left, right or anywhere for that matter, a 30km/hr headwind and only dead animals to brighten things up. We later discovered we were climbing up a false flat too.

Wildlife sighting: Brolgas !!! Very elegent native Australian cranes.

Lunch at the rather optomisticly labeled "Highest point on the Queensland main road system" (which I doubt).

Passed a truck with it's load crashed by the road.

After lunch our heading changed from N to NW. This didn't bother us at all as the wind shifted from a Notherly to come from the North West at the same time.

Headwind all afternoon.

Reached Tambo feeing it was all an ordeal. Looked for a cushy motel bed but all booked out due to a pending birthday party.

Rode off out of town into the unknown, with no trees or apparent roadside camping. Wandered up a cow track to find a campsite on dusk. Thank heavens today is over.

David F

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