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Journal for 13-Jul-2001 : Augathella
Date: 13/07/2001 (Location=Augathella, Dist=138km, Total=1534km)
Awoke early AM to hear Stuart OGrady is still in yellow, even after team time trial (not really expected).

Early start with an early wind at our shoulder.

Lots of single track road works to Morven.

Morven roadhouse has tons of truck trailors waiting around. West of here 50m, three trailor road trains are allowed on public roads.

All the local kids in Morvan are dressed up for Friday the 13th as witches and warlocks in block with broad brimmed pointy black hats (like a lot of Queenslanders :-)) and little broomsticks.

On our map in big large letters was the impressive sounding and looking Chesterton Range dividing central Queensland between the huge Warrego and Balonne river catchments. We climbed it in 4 minutes. It was so steep the railway next to the road actually had a curve in it, but only on the slightly steeper eastern side.

Very hard riding with 50k of exposed, undlating roads with a stiff blustery head wind. Grass as far as they eye can see in places. No trees, no cows just grass and roadkill. In fact there is an extraordinary amount of road kill about, every few hundred metres. My theory is Calisi Virus. Calisi virus ws introduced to Australia to try and control our feral rabbit population. I reckon Calisi means more grass which means more marsupials which means more marsupials on the road which means more marsupials s
quashed on the road. On the plus side we've seen quite a few wedgetail eagles.

I collapsed at lunch, and only got up after it looked (temporarily) like the wind had eased.

Last 20k acellerated by need to visit toilet.

Augathella entered via back door (its now bypassed by the highway). Got to the supermarket to witness a near riot. All the locals were clammering over each other in the towns only supermarket to get at the just delivered weekly bread run.

David F

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