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Journal for 24-Jul-2001 : Camooweal
Date: 24/07/2001 (Location=Camooweal, Dist=192km, Total=2820km)
Woke early to find my rear tyre completely flat. Tube destroyed so I replaced it before we left.

Riding through Mt Isa just before dawn. The mine workings brilliantly lit.

Nice Southerly tailwind which turned SE as we headed NW. Flying past green spotted hills and eventually out to the Gulf watershed and back into the Lake Eyre catchment. We are now in "arid" country, which ironically means not enough water for agriculture, so they haven't chopped down all the trees, so it looks really nice.. Country bristling with spinifex, desert trees and red earth.

At the first stop we met Bill again, the 72 year old cycle tourist on the slow road to Darwin.

Also got to see the exhibit about the old road, constructed in a blind panic in WWII. Much of the current road is unchanged since that time.

Long sections of "16 foot" bitumin, about one and half cars wide. Oncoming traffic, especially caravans become rather "interesting".

Magnificent Wedgetail eagles feeding off the occasional bit of road kill. Even the road kill here is big: fully grown bulls and heifers.

Another flat in my rear wheel 35km short of Camooweal. By now the wind a blustery cross breeze so we welcome the rest. The replacement tube had failed - been folded up too long and split at the seams. Get another replacement, only to discover it had previuosly exploded and is unfixable. Three tubes destroyed in one day. We are starting to run low on spares.

Difficulty setting up camp at the Camooweal Pub, thanks to the gravel laid across the camping area and the excessive number of caravans parking in our spot.

David F

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