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Journal for 25-Jul-2001 : Camooweal+135
Date: 25/07/2001 (Location=Camooweal+135, Dist=135km, Total=2956km)
Wind howled all night.

Stiff southerly blowing amid spitting rain as we broke camp.

Headed out along last bit of single track tar to NT border, which has almost been completrely replaced by rough chipseal. Roads in NT twice as good as the old Queensland roads, and 3 times better than the new ones.

After an hour we hit a storm front. Well, it hit us, with squalls slamming into us sideways and front ways. Very cold and unpleasant. We did get to see if our raincoats still worked.

More cross winds and tough riding to Avon Downs, where after 4 hours of continuos cycling we got stop and enjoy a cuppa supplied by some friendly caravaners. Met the police guy at Avon Downs, who suceeded in scaring the shit put of us about the mad gunman, who dispite John Law's claims was not found in Sydney yesterday.

Nice riding with a touch of tailwind out of Avon Downs. Each heading change triggered either a head or tail cross.

Nice country, but rather treeless around Soudan Homestead. Soudan Homestead very unfriendly, with No Camping, No Tresspassing, Dog on Duty and Bugger off now signs all prominent, re-inforced by lots of vicous barking dogs.

Very quiet at the rest area, as we waited for enough campers to turn up for it to be safe.

Met Paul from England, cycling from Darwin to Brisbane, and both Linda I enjoyed his fire immensly.

David F

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