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Journal for 20-Jun-2001 : Sydney
Date: 20/06/2001 (Location=Sydney, Dist=0km, Total=0km)

Three days to go, and the pile of things accumulating in our lounge room of things that need to be loaded onto our bikes. We are starting to get longer range weather forcasts suggesting fine, dry but cool south westerly winds for the first day.

Still on the preparation list is:

Book the flights home
Get a new tent (with working zippas and Mozzie
Clean the Bike
Clean the bikes - again. (Fat Chance)
New bike chains and clusters. ORDERED - Bikes at the Bike
Shop being serviced as we speak.
New tyres. ORDERED
Put the new tyres on the bikes.
New saddle (mine has a crack - no John Hoppoati jokes
please) ORDERED
Get bottom used to new saddle.
New pannier rack ORDERED
Install new pannier rack
New bike knicks for Linda REPAIRED
New gloves
Sleeping mats which don't deflate.
Fix the PDA.
Replace our camera with one that works without the rubber bands
around it. Thank you eBay. New camera has shown up. Quite impressive but I should hold judgement until I develop the first roll of film..
Book the first nights accomodation in the Blue Mountains.
Shop for the first few days food.
Buy a phone card or two.
Find the alarm clock.
Battery for the alarm clock
Clean the panniers. They were brown, now they are pink
:-). I seem to remember them being red when we bought them.
Water proof the panniers.
Finish water proofing the panniers - I ran out of spray.
Clean the Raincoats (a bit like cleaning the bike)
Clean the water bags
Clean the sleeping bags
Clean the Gound sheets
Clean Ourselves. (Futile)
Do my BAS (thats GST statement for non Australian Business
Buy a complete collection of batteries

Check my BAS - Yet to be done

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