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Journal for 23-Jun-2001 : Sydney
Date: 23/06/2001 (Location=Sydney, Dist=0km, Total=0km)

T -9hrs and counting.

With most endevours the full scale of it doesn't hit until you start, or at
least start and then work out what still has to be done to complete the
job. This was certainly true of the preparation. As the deadline rapidly
approaches certain non-essential things get skipped, like sleeping and
eating. The list below is nothing compared to what *really* needed to be
done. I kept track of it all using my trusty white board which held 15-20
to-dos at a time. This can be quite helpful in providing peace of mind
when there are really 150 things that need to be done, and no more than
twenty ever make the list allowing the remainder to be conveniently
forgotton about. By Thursday I was filling then cleaning off after
completetion ~3 whiteboards per day. I was hoping to watch a bit of the
Australia vs England cricket after completing sorting out my Tax affairs.
When I finished it was 3:30am and the match was well and truely over (with
the obvious result :-)). I knocked off 4 white boards on Friday, and had
an easy day today, finishing off the two remaining white boards with time
to eat a meal (so that's what food tastes like - I'd forgotton) and still
finish up by 11:15pm. Oops, I just remembered 2 other things that need to
be done :-(. I'd like to think that compared with the preparation the trip
will be easier. Linda is putting on the last load of washing as I write,
and all I need to do now is write out the list of accomodation numbers from
the RAA guide, recalibrate the bike computers, double check my credit cards
etc, fill the water bottles, fix the .....

Book the flights home
Get a new tent (with working zippas and Mozzie
Clean the Bike
Clean the bikes - again. Deferred until next time it
New bike chains and clusters.
New tyres.
Put the new tyres on the bikes.
New saddle (mine has a crack - no John Hoppoati jokes
Get bottom used to new saddle.
New pannier rack
Install new pannier rack
New bike knicks for Linda
New gloves
Sleeping mats which don't deflate.
Fix the PDA.
Replace our camera with one that works without the rubber bands
around it. Thank you eBay.
Book the first nights accomodation in the Blue Mountains.
Shop for the first few days food.
Buy a phone card or two.
Test Phone Card in PDA
Find the alarm clock.
Battery for the alarm clock It work fine now. Bugger.
Clean the panniers.
Waterproof the panniers, fly, shoes etc
Clean the water bags
Clean the sleeping bags
Clean the Gound sheets
Clean Ourselves.
Do my BAS (thats GST statement for non Australian Business
Buy a complete collection of batteries
Check my BAS
Test ride the bikes and adjust as necessary
Print the trip business cards (Checkout )

Get Some SLEEP !!!

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