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Journal for 7-Aug-2001 : Darwin
Date: 07/08/2001 (Location=Darwin, Dist=66km, Total=4584km)
We are in Darwin !!!

Fantastic day at Territory Wildlife Park. This palce is a gem, and hard to tear ourselves away from.

Started riding from Berry Springs at 3:45, and got to the hotel in Darwin at 7:45pm, well after dark, and after much swearing, getting lost and general panic. What should have been a triumph was a touch anti-climatic, and a relief to finish. That view of Darwin Harbour will have to wait till tomorrow morning. But then, the last 10km was always going to truggle to top the first 4500km !!!

What a brilliant trip !!! Im glad weve finished, but sad in a way too.

David F

P.S. And as for NTs mad gunman, if we did see him he passed us with a toot and a wave like everyone else.

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