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Journal for 6-Aug-2001 : Berry Springs
Date: 06/08/2001 (Location=Berry Springs, Dist=77km, Total=4517km)
Early start out of Corroberee RH. Really nice riding through misty smoke haze and orange sun.

Adelaide River absolutely brilliant. Thousands of water birds and all the usual Kakadu landscapes visible from the causeway/road.

Lots of traffic heading to Kakadu, mostly tourists, fishies and caravaners but also truck after truck of tanks and APCs heading for the military exercises.

Met a threesome of cyclists, two from Europe and one that didnt seem to speak English, until he said he was from Melbourne.

Lots of traffic heading out of Darwin (its Darwin Show Day public holiday). Distubingly all the traffic turned off onto the Berry Spring Rd, just like us.

Lunch at Berry Springs, and we set up camp. Those tent pegs are *really* giving me the shits.

The van park here is based around waterskiing and jetskiing, but use of their beautiful man made lake has been cancelled for today for some reason. We obtained guarantees about the saftey of the lake for swimming, and enjoyed a very pleasant hour splashing about in the warm tropical sun. Only later did they explain: its perfvectly safe, I checked it for crocs only last month :-).

Much fun watching the kids and (particularly) the parrents on the waterslide.

Lazing about in the tropical sun, having cycled only a paltry 77km (the same distance which seemed impossibly long on the first day) it really seems like today we are on a holiday. Even a holiday from our holiday.

David F

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