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Journal for 24-Jun-2001 : Faulconbridge
Date: 24/06/2001 (Location=Faulconbridge, Dist=77km, Total=77km)
We are underway !! And we finished our preparations early at 1:15am.

This being the first day there was naturaly a lot of firsts.
First roadworks: 4.6km - Riverwood bike path dug up.
First photo-op: 0.005m: Outside Unit.

It was a beautiful sunny winters day in Sydney as we started ploding through the back streets of Riverwood and Bankstown. Part of this route covers a short section of bike path along Salt Pan Creek. One of the safety features of this bike path is lengthy sections where there is a $500 fine for riding your bike on it. Once at Parramatta we were sailing along the M4 freeway shoulder across the Cumberland plane. Even a modest headwind didn't seem to bother us that much.

The Blue Mountains loomed in the distance, and didn't look quite so blue - or small - as we got closer to them. At the start of the climbing we planned on reaping the rewards of our intesive training program. Unfortunately our training program was neither intesive, nor completed so we suffered quite badly. Unusually I overestimated the distance for today, which was good because we didn't need to ride as far, but bad as it ment the road was steeper than expected.

David F

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