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Journal for 15-Mar-2003 : Sydney

Well, Linda has been complaining about her job for the past ... well 10 years now :-). Today must have been a really bad day because she told her boss they might want to consider getting a replacement in soon - something about cycling around the world in 80 weeks. So Linda has (unofficially at the moment) decided to quit her job and we're (probably) going to do a 2 year world bike tour. I must say I was pretty surprised. I've been hearing these rumblings for some time, and delicately suggesting an alternative, but this time I really got a bite :-). It's gone from a fantasy to a solid plan in 3 days !!!

There are a few things to sort out first. We've got to organise full medical checkups so if Linda has cancer we can use her 150 days of outstanding sick leave :-), and her employer's insurer can pay for her treatment. I've got a rapidly growing list of things to organise too, which have bugger all to do with cycling.

The concept is roughly around the world in 80 weeks, and we are going to train for this by riding to the western Sydney suburb of Perth and back.
The itinerary is (roughly) :

M Syd -> Qld
J Qld-> NT
A WA->Perth (to return the book Linda borrowed from her sister).
O SA->Tasmania. I'm hoping to see (as distinct from feel) Tasmania with snow - Linda remains to be convinced.
N Tasmania -> Vic
D Vic->Merrimbula (NSW South Coast - Linda's Parents house and prospective base camp).
J NZ - To be worked out - probably Christchurch to Auckland via just about everywhere.
A NZ / USA West Coast
M USA West Coast / Canada
J Canada
J Canada/France
A France/Italy
S Italy/Greece (If earlier get to see end of Olympics - if we can find somewhere to camp)
O Greece/ Thailand
N Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore
D ???->Merrimbula - possibly via divorce courts :-).

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