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Journal for 13-May-2003 : Sydney

Has it really been 2 months since my last entry? During the first 6 weeks the project has only slipped 1 month, so we are right on track !!!

I've feel like I've done bugger all since the last update, but when I think about it, I've achieved a great deal.

International relations being what they are, Australia's good standing within the international community means I'm pretty sure we don't need Visas for entry into any of the countries we intend to visit, not even Queensland. There was one genuine exception. The Americans required us to get a U$ VI$A - so we could visit Canada :-).

Linda has given her notice, and news of her impending departure is being selectively leaked to her co-workers.

Also, we have decided we need to do some training. We have commenced this arduous process by throwing out our television set. The fact that it could show all the colours of the rainbow so long as it was green, shut itself off frequently until it was satisfactorily warmed up (a short 4 hour process), it crackeled like a violet cumble wrapper and it needed to be operated with rubber gloves to avoid electrocuting it's viewers had nothing to do with it.

Our flat is covered in price tagged furniture, semi-packed boxes and a ridiculous amount of junk I never knew we had but still can't bring myself to throw out. I think we need a very powerful vacuum cleaner.

In the interests of fiscal responsibity there has been a change to our proposed itinary. The cheapest (by far) fare is quite restrictive, but still fits our itinary well. However, it requires taking the not unsubstantial risk that a well known US airline might collapse between forking over the cash and showing up at the airport. Added to that the thought that we might find ourselves detained in an Asian SARS quarantine station means booking the air tickets will require quite a leap of faith. The new itinerary is (roughly) :

J Syd -> Qld
J Qld-> NT
S WA->Perth (to return the book Linda borrowed from her sister).
N SA->Tasmania. No chance of Tasmanian snow now. Linda can stop provaricating.
D Vic->Merrimbula (NSW South Coast - Linda's Parents house and prospective base camp).
J NZ (Maybe - might got to Tasmania if we slip any more)
F NZ -> Oz ->LA
M Baja California (Mexico)
A Baja California (Mexico)
M USA West Coast
J Canada
J Canada
A Canada/Germany
S Italy
O Greece/ Thailand
N Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore
D ???->Merrimbula - probably via divorce courts :-).

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