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Journal for 14-Sep-2003 : Sandfire Roadhouse

Another early start, but we are slow to get on the road this morning.

We managed a descent first session of riding, despite Linda being tired from the previous day's over exertion, before the wind came up. Without the usual easterly winds the sea breeze kicks off early, around 9am, and makes a gusty W/NW head/head cross wind. This is hard to ride into, and just as hard to draft effectively off your partner.

DJF crashed out at most of the breaks. Neither of us are feeling too good today, without properly recovering from yesterday's heroics.

On the last 20km to Sandfire the road opens up from being surrounded by lowish scrub to open grass country. This is a patch where there are no sand hills, just slat pans. It's a bit like crossing a river valley, except this is cause by sea water blown inland (about 20km) by the cyclones. It took us nearly an hour to ride this 10km stretch, and every few km the road would turn slightly, changing our heading more into the wind and making the other side look even further away.

Passed mile post 1900 (km to Perth).

We collapsed into Sandfire Roadhouse. A bit of a disappointment really. No grass for camping, just a car park. The (empty) rooms looked OK from the outside, but I don't know how occupants might react to the resident peacocks scampering over the corrugated iron roofs (easy to replace after a cyclone) all night.

Green frogs in the showers and toilets.

750km of continuous headwinds .. and counting. This is starting to get me down.

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