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Journal for 15-Sep-2003 : Pardoo Roadhouse

Woke at 4am and got on the road by 5:30am (great going for us).

Leaving the roadhouse there are signs: Unfenced Roads: Cows next 30km.

We rode well for the first two hours (23 & 46km - very little wind) but didn't take a break till after 3hrs of riding - and it showed !!

After 30km there is a sign: Unfenced Road: Cows next 30km.

The ubiquitous rubber vine is shorter here, no more than 0.5m high. Not as much wind protection, or scenery for that matter.

After 60km there is a sign: Unfenced Road: Cows next 30km.

The wind came up at 8:30/9:00 and the riding became very very difficult again. We started churning 1 hours sessions battling the breeze with very little scenery to distract us.

After 90km there is a sign: Unfenced Road: Cows next 30km.

DJF threw a major dummy spit at lunch unsuccessfully attempting to erect the bike fly to make some shade (we certainly wern't going to find any natural shade here). Gee I can be a bastard sometimes. (Linda: more often than that!)

After 120km there is a sign: Unfenced Road: Cows next 30km.

At times there were views of real white sand dunes near the coast. Even though this road runs between 10 and 30km from the coast, the ocean is never visible. It's all very bland, very tough (though mercifully the sea breeze keeps the heat down a touch) and very discouraging.

I couldn't give a stuff what mile post we passed today.

Dinner in the roadhouse TV room, where we learn "with a side of fries" means 4 soggy chips. I should lay off these guys, because they had a maintained grassy camp ground and gave us a warm welcome at a time when I'd have bitten off Nelson Mandela's head for looking at me the wrong way.

And we didn't even see a single cow.

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