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Journal for 19-Sep-2003 : Yule River

Not so early start today thanks to hot buffet breakfast. I ate so much bacon and Coco Pops I couldn't get into the drops for two hours afterwards.

Difficult crosswind riding for the first two hours to the Newman Rd turnoff. After that, we picked up a patchy NW tailwind.

The scenery was pretty dull near the coast, but gradually some hills started to appear, edging closer to the road.

Feral sheep grazing by the road. These things had long horns, long tails, not very fluffy and definitely not white.

Lots of oversized loads today, moving anything and everything by roadtrain, including whole rakes of rail cars.

As the day wore on, lots of interesting red rocky outcrops started to appear, the scenery almost interesting. Several species of wildflower are blooming too, including Mulla Mulla (a purple lavender like thing) Sturt's desert pea (a red flower shaped like a pea pod with a single pea) and that bloody thorn bush.

Failed at the first attempt finding a lunch spot. After 10ks of riding we found a couple of trees near the road. After carrying our bikes over the thorns to get to them, we found these trees limbs (and surrounds) were covered in tyre bighting thorns too. Back to the road. We eventually gave up trying to find natural shade and set up our spare fly as a shade-cloth. Worked pretty well too, but it was damn hot underneath it, shade or no shade.

Camped by the Yule River. Not actually flowing, but a few pools under the bridge were enough to wash in. We set the tent up on a sandy bit of riverbed, and we (make that I) carried the bikes to the 100m over the fine soft sand. It made a comfortable place to sleep though.

Windy night, or so I'm told. I slept right through.

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