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Journal for 21-Sep-2003 : Newman

Great tailwinds today. I'd reported tailwinds in the previous two journals, but that was more like just no headwind. Today we had a ripper of a tailwind that got up to well over 30kph, gusting up to 50kph.

Of course *today* we managed an early start, so the first two and a bit hours were with no wind at all.

More fantastic scenery today. We descended off the Hamersley range, then climbed up past Mt Robinson, "The Governor" then eventually Mt Newman. The genuine downhills came as something of a novelty too. Most enjoyable.

The tailwind didn't kick in fully until after lunch. The riding was still challenging enough (it's not like it's flat up in these hills), but absolutely exhilarating. Strangely enough, today of all days a truckie decided to stop and offer us a lift (politely refused of course).

We flew past the 40k to go sign at 40kph. Same speed past the 30k to go sign, and the 20 and the 10. It still took quite a bit longer to get to Newman though, and this is reflected in the stats. Every few Ks we were forced off the road by a roadtrain passing us with insufficient view of the road ahead (it happened on *every * blind corner!) and oversized loads roaring towards us.

Newman seems to shut down on Sundays. The supermarket certainly does. Maybe tomorrow we'll see that this town has something to offer other than red dust.

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