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Journal for 23-Sep-2003 : Newman (Karajini Tour)

No journal for yesterday as all we did was shop for food and book today's tour of Karajini.

Karajini has just 10ks of awful gravel road to seal before we can reasonably cycle to the best bits. Maybe next time. However, today we took a commercial tour that covered the major gorges. It was absolutely magnificent, and we got to appreciate how much climbing and descending we managed with the help of that tailwind (too bad we're changing direction again).

Karajini's gorges are absolutely gorgeous! Red ferric cliffs surround crystal clear (almost) permanent water that seeps out of the walls and into the most perfect swimming holes imaginable.

Am I wasting my breath here? All I can say is the detour into this park is *definitely* worth it, and I urge any traveller to this region to make the effort. I can assure that you will be rewarded.

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