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Journal for 25-Sep-2003 : Kumarina+138

Cold morning, so we slept in a bit (again - till 5am!).

Nice riding early in the morning. Nice array of ornamental trees.

We approached a wedgetail feeding on a carcass on the road. A truck flew past us, swerved to miss the dead roo, but the bird didn't give up it's prize until the last second, then flew straight into the path of the truck. Scratch one wedgetail. Fortunately a few Ks down the road we saw another pair of wedgetails (a bit smarter I hope) in a tree waiting for the traffic to clear.

Lots of roadkill today. I guess there must be a bit of water around somewhere.

LJG struggled a bit today. Light headwinds all day, so it's not too surprising.

A new form of tire chewing thorn scattered all over the ground at our first break.

Most of the day was spent crossing the Gascoyne River. The Nth Branch was crossed in a series of floodways over a 15km length. The middle branch over a 30m long bridge. The Sth Branch just a 5km floodway.

DJF fell asleep at lunch again today.

Lots and lots of bush camping opportunities at sunset today. We had a huge choice of tracks tonight, and set up camp well out of sight of the road. During our water bottle shower I asked Linda "is that voices I can hear?". I've never seen anyone put on a shirt so fast !! Out in the middle of nowhere, with hundreds of places to camp we'd picked a spot less than a hundred metres from someone else (who we never saw - just heard coughing occasionally).

Nice camp fire. It's really easy to find wood, twigs, leaf litter that's baked completely dry up here!

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