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Journal for 29-Sep-2003 : Paynes Find+92

Very early start. Good riding at pace for the first two hours. Spectacular dawn.

Run off the road by a truckie who's idea of overtaking cyclists is to blast his horn - if he's awake.

Wedgetail Eagle took off right next to us and flew ahead of us on the road for a few spectacular seconds.

Pretty cool this morning, and there is rain in the air. Lots of wildflowers again today.

We are starting to see strands of real trees too, and real hills to go with them.

Crossed the "Rabbit Proof Fence", a rather ambitious project to divide Western Australia into wild and domesticated animals.

Stopped at White Wells rest area for our first break of the day after 3 hours of continuos riding. In that time I didn't drink a drop. Like I said, it was quite cool this morning.

After 90 odd Ks the wind was really picking up, mostly a horrible cross wind but gusting everywhere, with sporadic showers. This South Western bit of Western Australia is where most WACAs choose to live. We decided to stop and put up some shelter. We erected the bike fly, tent and most of our camping gear so we didn't have to try and ride on with the wind.

Strange holes lined with grass made by some animal (I guess) that we could not identify.

Lots of wind and occasional rain at our camp site.

Good (and necessary) camp fire.

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