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Journal for 30-Sep-2003 : Dalwallinu

I woke at 3am to the sound of rain dumping on our tent.

Everything is soaked, it took 3hrs to break camp, especially after cleaning the mud out of our cleats.

Only managed 19km in the first hour, but that was by far the best hour of the day. After that it rained and the SW gale was howling in our faces. With 40km to go to Wubin I thought "just over 2 hours riding". With 30km I thought the same thing. Country now farmland, mostly wheat fields and patches of dry land salinity. Mostly remanent vegetation by the road, 2m high scrub plants providing something of a wind break. With 20km to go the roadside wind break is gone, we're down to 11km/h into the gale and it's still 2hrs to Wubin.

The micro-town of Wubin marks the start of civilisation. The roadtrains can now only be 2 trailers long. There is an assembly area with lots of spare trailers next to the town's roadhouse. Riding on it becomes clear why the reduced limits apply. The road is much narrower, and the mud next to the bitumen is grooved with the wheel ruts of the shorter roadtrains which don't quite fit on this road. And there is more traffic too, mostly prime movers heading back to Wubin to collect their third trailer.

Dalwallinu is a nice little town, and it's actually a town, not a gold mine with a roadhouse.

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