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Journal for 2-Oct-2003 : Moora

Slept in this morning till 5:30am. Nice riding today. A blissful combination of downhill and tailwinds through a lot of open undulating country.

Passed through the town (too strong a word really) of Pithera, which I'm sure is a collective noun for something. Collective nouns maybe.

Lots of wheat farms looking green and slightly gold, with wattle decorating the road edges. All very pretty at this time of the year, when there is no drought.

Break at Milling, then we turn off the Great Northern Highway to heed for Moora. We joined the Great Northern Highway at about the 3200km mark. We left it at the 212km post.

Up and down riding on a country lane past more wheat farms to Moora. Linda and I have hay fever, me doubly so. A lady in town suggested it was all those horrible wild flowers.

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