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Journal for 3-Oct-2003 : Gingin

We managed to get a good hour of riding in before the wind came up, at 7:15am!

Nice rural scenery, plenty of wheat fields, purple patches and lavender paddocks, vineyards and the occasional hobby farm with loose sheep. Why do all the hobby farms have sheep?

Around Gingin the roads climbed some insanely unnecessary hills, and a few others that were just insane. Lots of nice wildflowers, which Linda enjoyed photographing while I enjoyed holding in my colon's contents.

Gingin is a pleasant little town with nice parks and a lot of weekenders for rich people from Perth.

It's funny but it seems like at 100km per day we are crawling to the finish line at Perth. We seem to be knocking off these distances by lunch time each day. It's only 75ks to Perth tomorrow. How long it takes, and far we end up riding will largely depend on how many time we get lost.

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